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About Us

Samuraitattoomehsana.com is your one-stop shop for exploring all aspects of the tattoo industry, music industry, and sub-genres that tie into tattoo culture around the world. Launched in 1998, Samuraitattoomehsana.com has evolved into the primary online source to entertain, inspire, and connect tattoo artists as well as fans of their art form. Our Exclusive section has expanded our influence by showcasing global interaction and in-depth interviews with prestigious musicians and artists of all mediums, album reviews, and insight of sub-genres that tie into tattoo culture.

Samuraitattoomehsana.com creates an environment where tattoo artists and shops are able to expand their audiences and connect with fans of their work. Post pictures of your favorite tattoos, your own tattoos, re-pin your favorite artist’s work, leave reviews, and more.

Our Team

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